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ID Card

Medina County Veterans Identification Cards are available from the Medina County Recorder’s Office.

Medina County Recorder’s Office
144 N Broadway St #117
Medina, OH 44256
(330) 725-9782
Visit the Medina County Recorder website

  1. You will need an original or certified original copy of your discharge in order to be eligible for a ID Card.
  2. If you do not have one you can come into our office and we will assist you in requesting an original copy. Or you can order one online by clicking here.
  3. You will need a valid Drivers License or State ID card also with your application.

*** If you did not meet the service requirements or service criteria to receive one of the following you will not be issued a ID card. We are sorry but this is the law. The only agency that can issue you a discharge is the branch that you served in.

*** This ID card is not a valid form of identification and we are not responsible for those that accept it.

Discharge documentation includes:


  1. A DD214 is a separation from Active Duty.
  2. Reservists and National Guardsmen/women will may have received a DD214 other than the initial training only if they have been activated into an active-duty status, usually under Title 10 orders.


  1. National Guardsmen/women receive another form of final discharge. Many of them, have one or several DD214’s however, it is not their final discharge – this takes the form of the NG/22.


  1. NGB Form 55 is issued to Soldiers concurrently discharged from the ARNG and as a Reserve of the Army with honor. This includes any request of the Family if a Soldier dies while in the ARNG.


  1. Traditional Reservists – those that served their entire contract without an activation, will not have received a DD214 except for the one they received at the completion of their initial military training (boot camp, basic training, job school). In the absence of a federal activation, the only discharge paperwork these troops will receive is a DD256 – Honorable Discharge Certificate. Unlike a DD214 or an NGB22, the DD256 does not elaborate on any aspect of military service, it is merely a statement of honorable service. Another key difference between the DD256 & the DD214/NGB22, is that it is only issued after the completion of the entire service contract.
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