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We have tried to compile some resources here that have to do with COVID-19.

We have only posted reliable information from reliable sources.

As we receive more information we will update this page. (updated: February 5, 2021)

***Items are numbered oldest to newest.

Medina County Veterans Services Office, COVID-19 Notice

Our building is currently closed to the public, but please call us.

We are available to conduct all business through phone calls, email, fax and/or mail. Financial Assistance is the priority.

  • Phone in hours currently are from 8:00am to 3:00pm, please allow us up to 3-business days to return your call.
  • Phone: (330) 722-9368 | FAX: (330) 722-9378 | Email:

Medina County Veterans Service Office

  1. Emergency Procedures
  2. COVID Closure I
  3. How to access us
  4. Emergency Procedures MCPT & ID’s
  5. Memorial Day Statement from the Director
  6. Memorial Day Guidance – Stay Safe Ohio
  7. MCVSO Safe Reopening June, 1, 2020
  8. COVID Closure Sept 2020
  9. COVID Closure Dec 2020
  10. ACE78E61-6183-4B1A-BAC5-F5EB1331E92B

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

  1. Your Virtual C&P Examination Alternatives During the Pandemic
  2. Regional Offices’ Public Contact Closures
    1. Greetings from the VA Debt Management Center (DMC),In response to the current environment with COVID-19, the VA Debt Management Center (DMC) is suspending all actions on Veteran debts under the jurisdiction of the Treasury Department for sixty days.  We will evaluate an extension of this timeline should the situation with COVID-19 warrant. If the suspension is extended, we will update our website ( to reflect the change and automatically extend suspensions for affected Veterans. We are also suspending collection action or extending repayment terms on preexisting VA debts, as the Veteran prefers. Please continue to encourage Veterans and family members affected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus) who have a VBA benefit debt and need temporary financial relief to contact the DMC at 1-800-827-0648 to request assistance. Thank you for your partnership in serving Veterans and their families during this difficult time. Sincerely, The VA Debt Management Center Outreach Team

Medina County

  1. Medina County Health Department
  2. What you need to know about COVID-19
  3. Stop the Spread
  4. ADAMH Mental Health
  5. ODH Stay at Home Order
  6. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_3.24.2020
  7. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_3.27.2020
  8. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_3.31.2020
  9. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_4.3.2020_ZipCodeData
  10. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_4.7.2020
  11. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_4.10.2020
  12. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_4.14.2020
  13. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_4.17.2020
  14. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_4.21.2020
  15. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_4.24.2020
  16. Protecting Employees and the Public Guidance 4.24.2020
  17. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_4.28.2020
  18. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_5.1.2020
  19. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_5.5.2020
  20. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_5.8.2020 KW
  21. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_5.12.2020
  22. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_5.15.2020
  23. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_5.19.2020
  24. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_5.26.2020
  25. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_5.29.2020 KW
  26. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_6.5.2020 final
  27. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_6.16.2020_7daygraph KW
  28. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_6.23.2020
  29. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_6.30.2020 KWcj NL
  30. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_6.30.2020 KWcj NL
  31. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_7.7.2020KW
  32. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_7.14.2020.docxKW
  35. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_7.21.2020 KWl
  36. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_7.28.2020KW2_updated
  37. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_8.4.2020KW
  38. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_8.18.2020KW
  39. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_8.25.2020KW
  40. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_9.1.2020KW
  41. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_9.8.2020
  42. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_9.8.2020
  43. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_9.15.2020KW
  44. The Medina County Recorders Office is now now recording DD-214 paperwork and issuing Veterans’ ID Cards by appointment only.   Veterans can now schedule an appointment by calling 330-725-9782 during business hours. 
  45. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_9.22.2020 Final
  46. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_9.29.2020
  47. Dear Business Owner, Thank you for your interest in the Medina County Small Business Grant Program. The third round of the grant program opens on September 29th at 2:00pm and closes October 5, 2020 at 4:00pm. Applications may be submitted at: note: Incomplete applications or applications submitted after 4:00pm on October 5, 2020 will not be considered. Be sure to review your application for completeness before submitting.
  48. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_10.6.2020 KW
  49. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_10.20.2020
  50. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_10.27.2020 FINAL
  51. celebrating-halloween
  52. Ohio Home Relief Grant funds for rent mortgage water bills_COVID fund
  53. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_11.10.2020 FINAL
  54. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_11.24.2020 KW
  55. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_12.1.2020KW
  56. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_12.8.2020K
  57. Ohio Vaccine Preparedness Office Weekly Update 12.14.2020
  58. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_12.15.2020
  59. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_.1.6.202
  60. MCHD_Media Advisory_COVID Vaccine Process Update – KW
  61. MCHD_Press Release_Vaccine Providers – FINAL (002)
  62. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_.1.19.2021
  63. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_.1.26.2021k
  64. Health Commissioner Weekly Update_2.2.2021

State of Ohio

  1. 03.31.20 National Guard
  2. 04.01.20 Commercial Evictions and Foreclosures
  3. 04.01.20 Manufacturing Alliance
  4. BWC Employer Dividend 04.08.20
  5. Checklist EMS 03.26.20
  6. Checklist Support Local 03.27.20
  7. Checklist Water Service 03.31.20
  8. COVID-19 Ask the Expert with OSMA
  9. COVID-19 Checklist Stay At Home Order Extension
  10. COVID-19 Myths v Facts 04.07.20
  11. COVID-19+Checklist+Face+Coverings+04.40.20
  12. COVID-19+Checklist+for+Businesses+and+Employers
  13. COVID-19+Checklist+Support+Local+03.24.20
  14. COVID-19-BWCFAQs
  15. Dispute+Resolutions+
  16. Executive Order 2020-09
  17. D Signed
  18. FMCSA CDL Waiver-3.24.20
  19. Guidelines for Employers
  20. Ohio Travel Guidelines 04.03.20
  21. Signed Amended Director’s Stay At Home Order
  22. Signed Executive Order – Commercial Evictions and Foreclosures
  23. Together Ohio 03.26.20
  24. Checklist for Long-Term Care Facilities 04.13.20
  25. Checklist for Safe Food Handling 04.13.20
  26. COVID-19 Checklist Antibody Test Kits
  27. Modeling 101 04.13.20
  28. PPE Needed for Healthcare Workers
  29. Checklist Exposed Essential Workers 04.14.20
  30. Checklist Face Coverings 04.04.20
  31. Checklist Visiting Parks 04.20.20
  32. COVID-19 Minority Health Strike Force 4.20.20
  33. The Path Forward to…RESTART
  34. Bureau Workers Compensation FAQ
  35. Checklist for Businesses and Employers 04.21.2020
  36. Checklist for K-12 04.20.20
  37. COVID CareLine family
  38. COVID-19 Information on Non-Essential Procedures 04.22.20
  39. Data Transparency COVID-19 Checklist 04.20.20
  40. FAQs for Homeowners 04.21.20
  41. County StatusApr 25 2020
  42. Getting Ohio Back to Work
  43. Final COVID-19 Continued Closures 04.27.20_ (002)
  44. Final Sector Sector Services Sheets 04.27.20
  45. Signed Director’s Stay Safe Ohio Order
  46. RestartOhio_Health Care Guide_ADA_FINAL
  47. PUA Overview
  48. PUA FAQs
  49. Sector fact sheet 3 Offices
  50. Sector fact sheet 2 Retail
  51. Sector fact sheet 1 Manufacturing
  52. COVID-19 Stay Safe Ohio Order FAQs 05.01.20
  53. COVID-19 Masks in the Workplace FAQs 04.29.20
  54. Continued Business Closures 5.01.20
  55. Memorial Day Guidance – Stay Safe Ohio
  56. Baseball-Softball (1)
  57. Day-Camps
  58. Golf-Course-Operator
  59. Gyms-Dance-Instruction
  60. Pools-Aquatic-Centers
  61. Tennis-Court-Operators
  62. Sector fact sheet 11 Baseball FINAL
  63. Sector fact sheet 13 Golf FINAL
  64. Sector fact sheet 19 General Non-Contact FINAL
  65. Sector fact sheet 20 Skills Training FINAL
  66. County-Fairs
  67. Sector fact sheet 40 Contact Sport Practice
  68. revised-business-guidance-sd
  69. Director’s Order County Fairs
  70. Religious-Services
  71. Director’s Second Amended Contact Sports
  72. OrderSector 43 Games, Leagues etc. for Contact Sports
  73. 88 counties info
  74. COVID-19 Travel Advisory 07.22.20
  75. COVID-19 Travel Advisory FAQs 07.22.20
  76. Joint Statement
  77. Veterans Posts CRF Guidance 9.20

 Employment and Businesses

  1. COVID19 Resources – Businesses-Employees-Health
  2. Unemployment Benefits
  3. Temporary Employment
  4. Bureau Workers Compensation FAQ
  5. Checklist for Businesses and Employers 04.21.2020

Additional Information

  1. AARP EDF Coronavirus FactSheet for VMF FINAL 040920
  2. USDA_COVID-19_Fed_Rural_Resource_Guide
  3. STIMULUS Payments-IRS Information for Non-Filers
  4. Weir_COVID19_OH_Presentation_V4
  5. postcard – stimulus – covid19
  6. vp-please-share-me-letter
  7. Federal Register Notice: Temporary Halt in Residential Evictions to Prevent the Further Spread of COVID-19

Beware and Avoid Scams

  1. National Guard
  2. Keep calm and avoid COVID-19 Scams
  3. Fraud Prevention: Protect Your Benefits
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